Extreme / UST Projection Systems.

Extreme or Ultra Short throw lens ratios would typically be in the region of 0.4 :1 or less, and there are many options available these days, depending upon the required brightness and resolution of the image. Units of this type allow the projector to be mounted above or below the screen, often removing the need for secondary truss or flying, which often have cost implications.

For high brightness at a high resolution, we have Panasonic's revolutionary extreme short throw lenses that can be fitted to their single and triple chip DLP units respectively. They project back over the body of the unit so no additional depth is required for the chassis.

Smaller screens and lower resolutions can utilise our Hitachi units, which have advanced corner keystone for enhanced image adjustment.

Due to the technology involved in extreme short throw projection, any surface imperfections are amplified so it is advisable to use a perfectly flat screen, eg a framed screen. The setup can be slightly more time consuming than with a standard lens so allow additional time if possible.

Extreme Short Throw Projection

Hitachi CP-A300 Ultra Short Throw Projector

Ultra short throw projector - 0.3:1 throw ratio - with advanced geometry correction. Fills a 3m wide screen from less than 1m. 3000 lumens. We have multiple units, and adapted brackets to allow for rigging on scaff.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

Optoma EH320UST Full HD, Ultra-Short Throw Projector

These are full HD 1080P DLP Ultrashort Throw (UST) projectors outputting 4000 lumens, with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. Full 3d support. Fixed throw ratio of 0.25:1.
Day: £120.00
Week: £360.00

Panasonic DLE030 ultra-short throw HD lens.

Fixed extreme short throw lens offering a throw ratio of between 0.38 ~ 0.4 : 1, dependant upon the model of projector. This will fit PT-RZ970, PT-RX110, PT-DZ870, PT-DX100, PT-DW830, PT-DX820, PT-DW750, PT-DZ780, PT-DX500, PT-DZ570 plus other single chip DLP units. *Not to be used with the RZ120.
Day: £200.00
Week: £600.00

Panasonic ET-DLE035 Extreme Short Throw Lens

This is equivalent to the DLE030 lens, but has been redesigned for use with the RZ120, in addition to other 1-chip models.
Day: £200.00
Week: £600.00

Panasonic ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens for 1-Chip DLP™ Projectors

Fixed throw-ratio of 0.280:1, with zero image offset. Wide-range vertical and horizontal lens shift more than doubles the movable shift area of comparable lenses, increasing installation flexibility, and expediting setup.
Day: £250.00
Week: £750.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw HD lens for Triple-Chip/System Units.

Panasonic ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw HD lens for Triple-Chip/System Units.

Fixed extreme short throw HD lens offering a throw ratio of between 0.36: 1, to fit the Triple-Chip units, including PT-DZ21K, PT-DS20K, PT-DW17K, PT-DZ16K, PT-RZ31K.
Day: £500.00
Week: £1,500.00

We are happy to hire, demonstrate or sell these units. Please contact us for current purchase prices. The Panasonic lenses shown above require a projector (priced separately) and you can view our range here.
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