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For purchase prices please enquire via email. Most brands can be supplied at competitive prices.

Supersize Teams/Zoom Meeting Kit

Supersize Teams/Zoom Meeting Kit

When you need to go large for a meeting we have professional displays on wheeled or tabletop stands, with cables and webcam to attach to your computer. Quoted price is for a Panasonic 55" kit including delivery in central Edinburgh. Larger and smaller screen sizes available - contact us for pricing.
Day: £150.00
Week: £250.00

Video Monitors

23" LCD HD Monitors (Portrait Capable)

Various makes and models of video monitor with HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-I, VGA and other inputs. Portrait capable monitors available.
Day: £20.00
Week: £60.00

Blackmagic Video Assist 4k

High resolution 7" professional monitor that also offers continuous recording, playback and format conversion. Optionally powered by dual batteries. Inputs include HDMI, SDI & stereo analog audio.
Day: £20.00
Week: £60.00

Samsung 17inch LCD Monitor (4x3 aspect ratio)

Model LW17M24CU S LCD Video / Data Monitor with Composite (RCA) / SCART / S-Video / RF / 15 pin D-sub / Audio inputs can be used as a computer monitor or video monitor. Black & silver finish.
Day: £25.00
Week: £75.00

Blackmagic Teranex Mini SD Convertor with Monitor

A BlackMagic Teranex Mini SDI -> HDMi 12G convertor with Screen, in a mini rack mount profile.
Day: £35.00
Week: £105.00

Black Magic Smartview Duo SDI Monitor

A rack-mountable dual 8" HD SDI monitor. SmartView monitors are extremely thin and lightweight, perfect for both broadcast and portable use.
Day: £35.00
Week: £105.00

LG 29" 21x9 Aspect LED Screen

Ultra wide aspect LED screen in 21x9 aspect ratio. 2560 x 1080 pixels
Day: £45.00
Week: £110.00

Panasonic TH-32EF1E 32" LCD Sceen

Professional 32" full HD screen with on-board media player and scheduling. Multiple screens can sync'd in master / slave configuration.
Day: £50.00
Week: £150.00

Panasonic TH-43LFE8 Professional Display

A 43" high brightness LCD monitor. Slim bezel, wide viewing angle.
Day: £70.00
Week: £210.00

Panasonic TH-55LF6 Professional Flat Panel Display, LCD, HD Resolution

These are 55" LCD commercial displays, LED backlit, portrait capable, fan-free HD screens, approved for 24/7 operation. Inputs include HDMI, DVI and Digital Link. Brightness: 450 cd/m2, Contrast: 1,300:1.
Day: £150.00
Week: £450.00

CTouch 55" Interactive HD LCD Display with Non-Glare Screen

Interactive HD resolution LCD screen which takes an input signal from a computer and an accompanying USB input turning the whole screen into a mouse. True plug and play, instant response & tracking. No drivers are required, and multi-touch is possible if the computer supports it (eg Windows 7).
Day: £200.00
Week: £600.00

Panasonic 65" Professional Plasma, Full HD

Exquisite resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, allows the viewer to literally dive into a fascinating world of images. Inside, a 1080p processor works together with the new system LSI with HD optimiser. This detects the MPEG artefacts upon the receipt of digital HD signals, reduces them ensuring clean and clear pictures. In order to further increase the panel performance, the 1080p driver supports 16-bit image processing, guaranteeing super-crisp motion sequences.
Day: £300.00
Week: £900.00

Panasonic TH-65LFE8

Professional LCD display with slimline bezel, HD resolution, capable of portrait or landscape operation. Brightness: 350 cd/m2, contrast: 5,000:1. Inputs include HDMI, DVI and VGA.
Day: £300.00
Week: £900.00

Panasonic TH-75EQ1 4k LCD Monitor

Large, bright 4K resolution, 75" professional LCD display. The EQ1 series has a narrow bezel and is a thin and stylish design. Excellent visibility, 350 cd/m2, USB playback and on-board scheduling. Can be use in portrait mode.
Day: £375.00
Week: £1,125.00

Panasonic TH-84EF1 84" Slimline LED Commercial Display

A stylish slimline 84" high brightness flat panel display with narrow bezel, on-board USB media player, outputting 350 cd/m2. It has an IPS panel for clear off-axis visibility and excellent colour reproduction, plus all the usual features.
Day: £500.00
Week: £1,500.00

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