OHP Projectors in Hire Stock

Overhead Projectors (OHP)

Overhead Projector

250 watt, twin lamp overhead projector.
Day: £20.00
Week: £60.00

Carousel Slide Projectors

250w Kodak / Elmo Carousel Projector

250watt Kodak S2000 Carousel projector, holding 81 slides. Supplied with standard lenses.
Day: £17.50
Week: £40.00

Carousel Slide Projector Accessories

Interval Timer

Adjustable slide change timer for carousel projectors.
Day: £10.00
Week: £20.00

“Our hire stock includes a large number of Brightsign media players that can function as standalone units, or be setup with network synchronisation, user interaction, scheduled programme playback and many more functions. We can pre-programme systems prior to delivery or set them for simple playback, achievable by overwriting files on the storage media“