Theatrical Projection Supply

Theatrical Projections A projected backdrop in use during The Last Days of Mankind at Leith Theatre in November 2018

We have no particular ties with any single supplier and this means that we offer the best equipment for the job in hand rather than the equipment that we get the best margin on. We can supply a complete projection solution including flying hardware, cables and flightcases. As we have practical experience of actually using the equipment we utilise time saving clever touches such as projector flightcases that allow you to leave the mounting plate attached (without any increase in case size) and wiring looms with data, power and control in one cable. These are the touches that make life slightly easier if you tour the equipment.
Recent theatre clients include
Traverse Theatre - Edinburgh
Rental of lens for house Projector.
Vanishing Point Theatre - Glasgow
Rental of SDI- DVI Convertor
MacRobert Theatre - Stirling
Rental of Panasonic Projector, UST lens and Signal Distribution
Sonica, Crytic - Glasow
Various AV for Tramway, CCA and The Mitchell Library
Home Theatre - Mancehster
Sale of Panasonic RZ670 Projector, lenses and UFS screen
Hull Truck Theatre - Hull
Purchase of Christie LX700 and LNS-S31 Lens.
Young Vic Theatre Company - London
Hire of Hitachi CP-A300 projector.(x2), Pansonic PT-5700 projector (x2) with rigging brackets and cable looms.
Young Vic Theatre Company - London
Sale of Hitachi CP-A300 projector.
Vanishing Point Theatre Company - Glasgow
Hire of ultra-short throw Hitachi CP-A300, Wahlberg shutter and wiring loom for 7 week tour .
The Tron Theatre - Glasgow
Sale of Draper Deluxe 12x9 Screen .
Michael Winslow Tour - UK
Panasonic PT-5700, 12' screen, cables and flying hardware for UK tour (Hire).
Dogstar Theatre - Inverness
Sanyo XP100, additional lens, cable looms, flying hardware, flightcase.
Bridge Theatre - Glasgow.
Sanyo XP100 projector and additional lenses, flying bracket, cable and flightcase. This is the 2nd unit they have purchased and we demoed onsite aSanyo XP100, Sanyo XP200 and Panasonic 5700. There was remarkably little to chose between the 3 units with all having their own advantages. The decision was eventually based on the fact that The Bridge have an existing stock of lenses that fit the Sanyo.
Traverse Theatre - Edinburgh
Purchase of 2 Panasonic Pt 5700 projectors, flying brackets, cable looms, flightcases plus long term hire of 2 additional units.
Ankur Productions - Glasgow
Purchase of Panasonic Pt 5700 projector, flying brackets, cable looms, wide angle lens.
Citizens Theatre - Glasgow
Purchase of Panasonic Pt 5700 projector, lenses, flying bracket & cable for use in main theatre. Hitachi cpx 400 projector and screen for use in studio theatre and as a general purpose portable unit.
National Theatre of Scotland
Numerous Panasonic Pt 3500, 5500 & 5700 projectors with range of lenses, 2 Units are permanently on tour with the award winning "Black Watch". 6 Epson Units - used as general purpose portable units. Various other sale and hire items.
Jasmin Vardimon Company - Brighton.
Sanyo Xp100 projector plus Short Throw zoom lens.
Theatre By The Lake - Cumbria
Hitachi CPX1250 projector with wide angle lens. Chosen as a cost effective solution offering decent brightness coupled with a 0.8 wide angle lens.
Aquismedia - Birmingham
Canon XEED SX700 - chosen as a compact unit for a touring show that offers a relatively high brighness coupled with a uniquely wide range on the lens as standard.
Catherine Wheels - Musselburgh
3 Hitachi short throw units - these were specified due to their ability to project several meters across from within a meter from the surface total distance. The units were built into the touring set meaning that there was no messing about with lenses, difficult rigging etc, if the set fitted, the projection worked.
Plus many more hire clients across the UK
We hold stocks of Panasonic PT5700, Panasonic PT-DZ770s, Panasonic PT-DZ870s, Sanyo XP100, Xf 46 / 47 with lenses, Canon XEED and the Hitachi CPX1250 and CPA300, plus flying hardware, cable looms and remote controls.

We have projection screens up to 8m / 4.5m (rear Projection), We are able to offer a Package that fits the application. We also approach our pricing in a very Non AV way in that we charge for the total period of use not strict 24hr blocks and will try and make things work within your budget.

“We offer a dry-hire AV rental service across the UK and are Panasonic 3chip DLP projector specialists with a large stock of the latest models“