Rent a Digital Projector in Edinburgh

Beamer ScreensIn addition to our range of multimedia beamers, we stock a full range of audiovisual accessories: We have tripod screens in various sizes (4', 5', 6'), plus toblerone / pull down screens suitable for hanging from a ceiling fixing, scaff bar, truss rod or similar which are also available in 4', 5' and 6' sizes from our hire stock. We carry a range of fast-fold screens in various sizes too. We carry a range of other accessories commonly required, such as DVD players, VHS players, portable DVD players, AV switchers, AV distribution amps (allowing the use of multiple beamers from one data source), AV effects boxes, vision mixers, etc. We carry a full stock of cable and supply required cable free of charge with beamer hires (in cases where cable requirements are extreme there may be a small charge)

We can either provide our beamers & accessories on a dry hire basis, or with a technician to deliver, setup & collect the equipment. We do charge for technicians time, the amount will vary depending upon where the venue is and what times are involved, as we do charge extra for unsociable hours, etc. Our warehouse is in cnetral Edinburgh - please feel free to email us of call us with your enquiries. Our email is, or call us on +44 (0)131 558 3824. For customers requiring a little more detail on our projectors we will provide that below.

Beamer RentalIt is worth mentioning that most modern projectors do not have built in speakers of any note, so if audio playback is required a separate sound systems must be in place.We have a range of sound systems available for hire, ranging from hi-fi size speakers through to 5kw sound systems in hire stock. We can provide sound systems of any size if required through our partner companies, and we would be happy to advise you as to what we think is necessary. As we have worked in almost every venue in Edinburgh we are in a good position to advise you on most venues and the potential equipment most suitable.

We have a full range of bracketry & stands available for our beamers & audio equipment which will make rigging as straight forward as possible. We have ceiling cages, brackets, stands, etc to allow mounting on the ceiling or truss, or projecting from a stand as required. In general we do not supply cabling, ceiling mounts & brackets on their own (ie. we supply them with a beamer hire) as our stock is matched to the projector units which we have in stock. We stock a full range of A-V connectors & adapators to support our rental equipment too.
“We service all types of AV work, from the basic powerpoint presentation right up to festival and arena shows“