Projected Advertising

The Glasgow job (on behalf of Projected Advertising) was static over the course of a busy weekend to publicise an upcoming event. This job, especially, was effectively a giant, temporary billboard with a series of fliers shown on the side of Buchanan Galleries.

There is also a photograph from a long running installation in the RSA on The Mount which used projected banners to publicise an exhibition.

If you have a query with regard to projected advertising then please call us to discuss your ideas. We have a range of equipment available to suit different budgets. The photos on this page were of images projected using our Sanyo PLC-XF47.

Projected advertising - giant logos on buildings Projected image on Chambers St, opposite the Museum.

Projected billboard advertising Giant temporary billboard projection in Glasgow's Buchanan Galleries

Projecting onto Edinburgh Castle Rock Projected logo onto the Edinburgh Castle, you can see the projector sited on the red van, and some passers by stopped to have a look.

Projected advertising in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh A giant logo projected onto a historic building in Edinburghs' St Andrew Square.

Projected Banners installed in The RSA on The Mound in Edinburgh Projected banners in The Royal Scottish Art Gallery.

A long shot of a projection on George St in Central Edinburgh A distance shot of the projection gives an indication of how bright the image actually is.

A logo on The Scottish Parliament Building A cheeky shot onto the Scottish Parliament landmark builidng. It's not an ideal projection site but it is a landmark.

Projections on Edinburgh Castle in 2009 Another shot of the logo on Edinburgh castle, projected from the red van. This was an eye catching site and many passers by stopped to look and take photos.

Projected billboard adverts. More giant billboard sized projections in central Glasgow.

Projected logo on Arthurs Seat / Salisbury Crags This shot was of Arthurs Seat. As it's completely black you can't get an idea of the scale but it was about 10m across and highly visible to passing traffic.

Temporary billboard projections in Glasgow Another in the series of giant projected fliers in central Glasgow. This was a great site with high footfall and a perfect flat projection surface.

Outdoor image projection advertising events. The van was parked on a main thoroughfare for a busy Saturday and Sunday.

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