Extreme / UST Projection Systems.

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UST Extreme Short Throw Projection Rental Extreme or Ultra Short throw lens ratios would typically be in the region of 0.4 :1 or less, and there are many options available these days, depending upon the required brightness and resolution of the image. Units of this type allow the projector to be mounted above or below the screen, often removing the need for secondary truss or flying, which often have cost implications.

For high brightness at a high resolution, we have Panasonic's revolutionary extreme short throw lenses that can be fitted to their single and triple chip DLP units respectively. They project back over the body of the unit so no additional depth is required for the chassis.

Smaller screens and lower resolutions can utilise our Hitachi UST and Optoma HD Ultrashort Throw units, which have advanced corner keystone for enhanced image adjustment. For larger screens we have extreme short throw lens for the Panasonic 1chip and 3chip DLP ranges. Scroll down to view lens options.

Due to the technology involved in extreme short throw projection, any surface imperfections are amplified so it is advisable to use a perfectly flat screen, eg a framed screen. The setup can be slightly more time consuming than with a standard lens so allow additional time if possible, particularly if aligning an edge-blended setup. Although most UST capable models allow for comprehensive image warping the physical placement of the unit relative to the screen is vital and will be clearly defined by the screen width. Panasonic and Optoma offer lens calculators which will work out exact positioning, or we can advise. As positioning is vital it is easier to place the projectors on the ground if possible rather than on a mount, although this may not be appropriate for all uses. We would be happy to discuss your needs and make recommendations.

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