Panasonic PT-RQ35 30k Projector

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High brightness and jaw-dropping image quality - the PT-RQ35K is the smallest and lightest 3-Chip DLP™ product in its class and is a two person lift. A combination of two blue and one red laser expands colour-space reproduction by 114 %*3 over the PT-RQ32K. This allows the vivid red and pure blue reproduction to heighten realism for an immersive experience taking high-resolution content to the next level.

Redesigned airflow path, cooling system, and finless radiator reinforce reliability. Dynamic Digital Control regulates red laser output and cooling for consistent image quality. Expect 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection with backup input and laser failover circuitry offering peace of mind when projection can’t be interrupted.

Gradation Smoother Reduces Banding

PT-RQ35K Series is first to equip Panasonic’s new Gradation Smoother function. It reduces banding noise in gradients of shaded colour evident in content that lacks the optimal colour bit-depth. Operators can select three levels* of image correction appropriate to the severity of the problem, or disable the function when it’s not needed. Gradation Smoother is your go-to solution when banding is evident in the projection, but there’s no time to re-edit the content.

Flexible Black-Level Adjustment

Edge-blend uniformity on curved screens is difficult to achieve with line-based black-level border adjustment. Warped image-edges result in unequal blend-widths, and a lack of uniformity in overlapping areas is exposed when dark scenes are projected. PT-RQ35K Series gains new black-level calibration that allows black borders to be reshaped to suit screen curvature using up to 17 control points in much the same way as our Free Grid function. Adjacent images can be matched within a 0.5-dot margin—ideal for 4K video projection—while a wider range of adjustment in finer increments is also enabled.

Quad Pixel Drive

Quad Pixel Drive is an original Panasonic technology based on 1920 x 1200-pixel (WUXGA) DMD chips. It rapidly shifts each pixel vertically and horizontally to produce an image with a maximum physical resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels (4K/16:10). Quad Pixel Drive can interpolate three additional video frames to create 240 Hz* video from a native 60 Hz source, losing none of its filmlike detail to motion blur even when tracking fast-moving action or during slow-panning shots.

Dynamic Digital Control for Stable Colour Performance

While red lasers heighten colour expression, their successful implementation has been challenged by inherent sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. Dynamic Digital Control solves the problem by modulating red-laser output frame-by-frame to achieve optimal RGB balance according to colour requirements and operating temperature, which is managed by a discrete cooling system. With stability guaranteed, multiple lasers are free to unleash awesome colour with luxuriant reds and pure blues taking the viewer closer to the artist’s intention.

Shielded Laser Drive with Finless Radiator

Hermetically sealed DMDs, shielded laser drive, and separate filterless cooling systems for each light source are reinforced by a new finless radiator that’s about 30 % more effective than previous designs. The projectors are exhaustively tested to exceed the industry’s toughest dustproofing guidelines, and are made in Japan to uncompromising quality standards. Expect 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection at full brightness with high colour uniformity right through to your next refresh cycle.

Backup Input Guarantees Picture Display

When the Backup Input setting is enabled and the source device is configured to output an identical signal to the projector’s primary and secondary input terminals, it can automatically switch between signals in as little as 0.3 seconds whenever the primary signal is interrupted or restored. No screen-blanking occurs when switching. Maintain image display in situations when projection must not be interrupted.

Multi-Laser Drive Engine with Failover Redundancy Circuits

Multiple Laser modules are equipped with Panasonic’s unique Failover Circuitry. If a single laser diode fails, only diodes in the affected series are bypassed rather than all of the diodes in the module, as is the case with some competitive laser projectors. Projection continues uninterrupted with imperceptible loss in brightness. Failover Circuitry adds another layer of insurance in situations where image display must be maintained.

Here is a clip that shows a pair of our double-stacked RQ35 projectors in use at a large outdoor audiovisual show.

Hire Rates

Panasonic PT-RQ35 30k Laser Projector - 4k+ Resolution, 30,000 lumens

Panasonic PT-RQ35 30k Laser Projector - 4k+ Resolution, 30,000 lumens

High brightness and jaw-dropping image quality at 4k+ resolution. The PT-RQ35K is the smallest and lightest 3-Chip DLP™ product in its class and can be handled by two people. A combination of two blue and one red laser expands colour-space reproduction. This unit takes the ET-D3LE lens suite, which are updated versions of the D75 triple-chip range.
Day: £3,500.00
Week: £10,500.00

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