PT-RQ25 4k+ resolution projector.

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Panasonic PT-RQ25 4K 3chip DLP Projectors in Scotland The standard units are supplied with a pair of HDMI inputs and one displayport input and no longer have digital link or SDI as standard, although optional boards can be fitted (including fibre inputs).

Like the RQ22, the larger DLP chip results in the optical throw ratio being tighter than the WUXGA models. Panasonic are due to release a new D3 wide angle lens to achieve an equivalent screen width as the old WUXGA models with a D75LE6. The D75LE90 and D3LEW200 are available for use where space is tight prior to the new lens release.

These units are notably more compact and lightweight when compared to the previous PT-RQ22, being closer in size to the single chip chassis so the ease of handling is massively improved.

Projector type
3-Chip DLP™ projector
Panel size
20.3 mm (0.8 in) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
Display method
DLP™ chip x 3, DLP™ projection system
Number of pixels
2,304,000 (1920 x 1200 pixels) x 3
Light source
Laser diode
Light output1, 2
20,000 lm / 21,000 lm (Center)3
Time until light output declines to 50 %4
20,000 hours (NORMAL/QUIET), 24,000 hours (ECO)
4K (3840 x 2400 pixels)
(Quad Pixel Drive: ON)
WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels)
Contrast ratio2
25,000:1 (Full On/Full Off, Dynamic Contrast [3])
Screen size (diagonal)
1.78–25.40 m (70–1000 in), 1.78–15.24 m (70–600 in) with ET-D75LE8/ ET-D3LET80, 3.05–15.24 m (120–600 in) with
ET-D75LE95, 5.08–15.24 m (200–600 in) with ET-D3LEU100/D3LEW200
Center-to-corner zone ratio2
90 %
Optional (no lens included with this model)
Lens shift
Lens shift Vertical
±66 % (52 % with ET-D75LE6/ET-D3LEW60, +71 % / +93 % with ET-D75LE95, ±66 % with ET-D3LEU100, 
±57 % with ET-D3LEW200) (powered)
Lens shift Horizontal
±24 % (18 % with ET-D75LE6/ET-D3LEW60, ±14 % with ET-D75LE95, -25 % / +30 % with ET-D3LEU100,
±18 % with ET-D3LEW200) (powered)
Keystone correction range
Vertical: ±45 ° (± 40 ° with ET-D75LE10/ET-D3LEW10/ET-D75LE20/ET-D3LES20, ±28 ° with ET-D75LE6/ET-D3LEW60,
±22 ° with ET-D3LEW50, ±15 ° with ET-D3LEW200, ±8 ° with ET-D3LEU100, +5 ° with ET-D75LE95),
Horizontal: ±40 ° (±15 ° with ET-D3LEW50/ET-D75LE6/ET-D3LEW60, ±5 ° with ET-D3LEU100/ET-D3LEW200,
0 ° with ET-D75LE95)
When [VERTICAL KEYSTONE] and [HORIZONTAL KEYSTONE] are used simultaneously, correction cannot be made exceeding a total of 55 °.
Ceiling/floor, front/rear, free 360-degree installation

Hire Rates

Panasonic PT-RQ25 Laser 4k Projector

Panasonic PT-RQ25 Laser 4k Projector

The worlds smallest and lightest 4k (3840 x 2400) resolution, 3chip DLP projector outputting 20,000 lumens. Dual HDMI and displayport inputs as standard. NB: the larger DLP chip affects the lens throw ratios and is slightly tighter than the WUXGA models.
Day: £2,500.00
Week: £7,500.00

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