PT-RQ22 4k+ resolution projector.

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Panasonic PT-RQ22 4K+ Resolution DLP Projector for hire for sale


Compact and filterless 20 000 lumens 4K+ Solid Shine Laser Projector Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for large venues


High-brightness in a small package

RQ22K is the number one compact and lightweight projector in the high-brightness class and it has the smallest footprint of any 20,000lm projector. At just 54kg, it’s also extremely lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for rental or stage use. The RQ22K is almost the same size as the DZ21K2 and will fit in the same frame.

Incredible colours

If you’re looking for vivid colour and unbelievable brightness, the RQ22K delivers. It combines 3-Chip DLP™ imaging with4K+ SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor technology to give stunning image quality. Solid-state laser light sources and specially engineered heat-resistant phosphor wheels work together with three discrete DLP™ modules (R/G/B) for high brightness, true colour accuracy, and high contrast in large venues: ideal for exhibitions, show and other large events. The RQ22K is compatible with the latest colour space standards so you can be sure it will reproduce images accurately.

Achieve the impossible at 4K+ resolution

The PT-RQ22K gives staging innovators an edge where the limits of projection are routinely tested. As the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000-lumen-class 4K+ projector, the PT-RQ22K brings incredible image quality into 1DLP sized projector cabinet.

Easily handled by fewer people and supporting free 360° installation, innovative projection ideas become reality in 4K+. Hermetically sealed optics and filterless heat-sink-based cooling underline reliability in smoky environments, while solid-state lasers consistently control the brightness ramp over 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. With shared assets across Panasonic’s large-venue lineup enhancing ROI, your transition to 4K+ projection is smooth and cost-effective.


Inside the 4K+ Image

Achieving 4K+ with Original Pixel-Quadrupling Technology

Better-than-4K resolution is achieved by shifting each pixel of the 3 WQXGA (2560x1600) DMD chips vertically and horizontally at super high speed, effectively quadrupling the pixel-count. Working in concert with Real Motion Processor 240 Hz frame-creation, Quad Pixel Drive technology produces film-like 5120 x 3200-pixel (4K+/16:10) images. As well as silk-smooth video, this powerful processing engine renders text in the finest detail for lectures and presentations.


Project from any angle

The RQ22K is compatible with all of our existing 3-Chip DLP lenses including our ET-D75LE95 ultra-short throw lens to make it easy to install, even in tight spaces like galleries and exhibitions. Thanks to SOLID SHINE Laser technology, the projector can handle 360-degree installation through any axis: it can be mounted at whatever angle you like without distorting the picture.


Failsafe design means the show will go on

The RQ22K uses 3-Chip DLP™ for high-quality, high-brightness projection and colour uniformity that lasts forever. The RQ22K’s mounting structure has a rigid design to prevent external vibration affecting the image.

What’s more, it’s completely dust and smoke resistant: the laser modules are hermetically sealed so no smoke or dust can get in and the projector has a very efficient filter-less design – a world first. This is achieved with an heat-pipe-based internal cooling system with a one-way airflow. The Durable Dust-proof Optical System means you’ll get stable projection even in dusty environments. The Dust-proof Optical System and high-performance cooling system combine to give you 20,000 hours of real maintenance-free use (in light source output normal mode). Both systems eliminate the need for filters (dust and smoke cut filters) a significant benefit which makes the RQ22K stand out in the toughest live entertainment applications.



21,000 lm (Center)*2 / 20,000 lm*3
4K+ (5120 x 3200) (Quad Pixel Drive: ON)
Laser 3-chip DLP
DLP™ chip | Panel size (mm)
22.9 mm diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
DLP™ chip | Panel size (inch)
0.9 inch diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
DLP™ Chip | Display Method
DLP™ chip x 3, DLP™ projection system
DLP™ Chip | Pixels
49,152,000 (12,288,000 x 4) pixels when Quad Pixel Drive set to ON, 4,096,000 (2560 x 1600) x 3, total of 12,288,000 pixels when Quad Pixel Drive set to OFF
Refresh Rate
240 Hz*1
Optional (no lens included with this model)
Light Source
Laser diodes (Laser class: Class 1) (Class 3R for US models), Light source life: 20,000 hours (NORMAL mode, brightness decreases to approx. 50 %)
Screen size (diagonal) (mm)
1.78-25.4 m with 16:10 aspect ratio 1.78-15.24 m with the ET-D75LE8 / ET-D3LET80, 16:10 aspect ratio 3.05-15.24 m with the ET-D75LE95, 16:10 aspect ratio
Screen size (diagonal) (inch)
70-1,000 inch with 16:10 aspect ratio 70-600 inch with the ET-D75LE8 / ET-D3LET80, 16:10 aspect ratio 120-600 inch with the ET-D75LE95, 16:10 aspect ratio
Center-to-Corner Uniformity*3
90 %
20,000:1 (Full On/Full Off, Dynamic Contrast Mode: 3)
Optical axis shift*5 | Vertical (from center of screen)
±59 % (±56 % with ET-D75LE6 / ET-D3LEW60, +69 % - +84 % with ET-D75LE95) (powered)
Optical axis shift*5 | Horizontal (from center of screen)
±29 % (±19 % with ET-D75LE6 / ET-D3LEW60, ±21 % with ET-D75LE95) (powered)
Keystone Correction Range
Vertical: ±40° (± 22° with ET-D75LE50 / ET-D3LEW50, ±28° with ET-D75LE6 / ET-D3LEW60, +5° with ET-D75LE95), Horizontal: ±15° (0° with ET-D75LE95)
Keystone correction range with optional Upgrade Kit ET-UK20
Vertical: ±45° (± 40° with ET-D75LE10 / ET-D3LEW10, ET-D75LE20 / ET-D3LES20, ±22° with ET-D75LE50 / ET-D3LEW50, ±28° with ET-D75LE6 / ET-D3LEW60, +5° with ET-D75LE95) Horizontal: ±40° (±15° with ET-D75LE50 / ET-D3LEW50, ET-D75LE6 / ET-D3LEW60, ET-D75LE10 / ET-D3LEW10, 0° with ET-D75LE95), Up to a total of ±30° during simultaneous horizontal and vertical correction
Horizontal/vertical, free 360-degree installation
Terminals | SDI 1 IN
BNC x 1: 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, Dual-link HD-SDI (Link-A), Dual-link 3G-SDI (Link 1), Quad-link HD-SDI (Link 1), Quad-link 3G-SDI (Link 1)
Terminals | SDI 2 IN
BNC x 1: 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, Dual-link HD-SDI (Link-B), Dual-link 3G-SDI (Link 2), Quad-link HD-SDI (Link 2), Quad-link 3G-SDI (Link 2)
Terminals | SDI 3 IN
BNC x 1: 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, Dual-link HD-SDI (Link-A), Dual-link 3G-SDI (Link 1), Quad-link HD-SDI (Link 3), Quad-link 3G-SDI (Link 3)
Terminals | SDI 4 IN
BNC x 1: 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, Dual-link HD-SDI (Link-B), Dual-link 3G-SDI (Link 2), Quad-link HD-SDI (Link 4), Quad-link 3G-SDI (Link 4)
Terminals | Multi Projector Sync In
BNC x 1
Terminals | Multi Projector Sync Out
BNC x 1
Terminals | Serial In
D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (RS-232C compliant)
Terminals | Serial Out
D-sub 9-pin (male) x 1 for link control
Terminals | REMOTE 1 IN
M3 x 1 for wired remote control, link control
Terminals | REMOTE 1 OUT
M3 x 1 for wired remote control, link control
Terminals | Remote 2 In
D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1 for external control (parallel)
RJ-45 x 1 for network, DIGITAL LINK connection (HDBaseT™ compliant), 100Base-TX, compatible with Art-Net, PJLink™ (Class 2), Deep Color, HDCP2.2
Terminals | DC Out
USB Type A x 2 (for power supply DC 5V total of 2 A)
Terminals | Expansion Slot
SLOT 1 / SLOT 2 (total two terminals, vacant) for interface boards, SLOT NX compatible
Power Supply
AC 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz; AC 100-200 V, 50/60 Hz (brightness is restricted with lower voltage)
Power Consumption
Cabinet Materials
Molded plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm)
598 x 270 x 725 mm (not including protruding parts)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (inch)
23 17/32 inch x 10 5/8 inch x 28 17/32 inch (not including protruding parts)
Weight (kg)*6
Approx. 55 kg
Weight (lbs.)*6
Approx. 122 lbs
Operating noise*3
Operating environment (℃/M)
Operating temperature: 0-45 °C *6, operating humidity: 10-80 % (no condensation)
Operating environment (°F/Feet)
Operating temperature: 32-113 °F *6, operating humidity: 10-80 % (no condensation)
Applicable software/application
Logo Transfer Software, Multi Monitoring & Control Software, Geometry Manager Pro, Smart Projector Control for iOS/Android™
*1 Refresh-rate varies depending on vertical scanning frequency. *2 Luminance measured at center of screen. *3 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped. *4 Lens shift is not supported on the ET-D75LE50/ET-D3LEW50. *5 Average value. May differ depending on the actual unit. *6 Light source brightness may decrease depending on operating temperature. When projector is operating at high temperature or at high altitude, brightness will decrease correspondingly.

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Panasonic PT-RQ22K - 4K+ resolution, 20k projector

Panasonic PT-RQ22K - 4K+ resolution, 20k projector

The latest update to the triple-chip DLP chassis offers 360 degree Solid-shine laser convenience with Quad Pixel Drive which goes beyond 4K resolution.
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