Disguise D3 Solo SDI Server

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Disguise D3 Solo SDI Media Servers for rental in Scotland

Use the Disguise Designer software to bring your project to life - features include

  • Real-Time 3d Visualisation
  • Spatial Content Mapping
  • Content Playback
  • Real-Time Content
  • Timeline-Based Sequencing
  • Control
  • Calibrations

This is a multi-purpose self-contained hardware media server incorporating 3D set design, immersive and virtual experiences, live show operation, high-quality video playback and precise projection mapping, plus a whole lot more. Preconfigure your media server show using the designer software, either directly on the server, or with a seperately downloaded version on another computer. Load up 3d models of your venue(s) and populate it with LED screens (or projectors and screens) and any content to view your show in advance. Playback and operation can be controlled and integrated in many ways include timeline mode or live control. Our servers have 3 SDI capture cards that offer a super low latency mode.

Hire Rates

Disguise Solo SDI Server

A compact and powerful 2U media server, designed to bring the power of the disguise solution to smaller productions and experiences. Our units are fitted with the SDI capture cards option. Can be used as a standalone solution, to design, sequence and play back your shows, or as a Director in a larger network with pro and gx range machines.
Day: £800.00
Week: £2,400.00

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“We have 4k signal options including the REQ120 projector (with improved C1 lens suite), RQ25/RQ35 projectors & D3 series lenses, plus switchers, cameras and signal distribution to maintain a 4k signal path throughout“